a tech-oriented company that develops data-driven solutions in various industries. We pride ourselves in understanding business logic and needs, and designing high quality solutions to match.
Tech SolutionsOur wide span of tech capabilitiesAs a tech-oriented Data Analysis company, we put our focus on understanding the business logic and building disruptive solutions that rely on data-mining.
Understanding BusinessA deep understanding of business logic, process flows and changing requirements, is in the core of every project.
Data SourcesCollecting data from various sources can help us get a better picture of the industry. Better data = better product.
Data AnalysisUnderstanding the data is the very core of every project. We use various tools and mechanisms to analyse our data.
High Availability / ScaleWe expertise in developing applications that are designed for high scale and high availability.
Digital MarketingOur digital marketing solutionsDataWave is very active in the digital marketing industry. We design our own solutions and operate various activities.
Programmatic DSPUsing our in-house DSP, we develop algorithms that help us target the right audience for every campaign.
RewardedWe run our own rewarded community activity, where we provide our users with various method to earn rewards.
ComparisonWe run our own comparison website, where we compare various products and services.
SEO / OrganicWe manage a large number of blogs and content websites, which we can monetize in various ways.
SocialWe run activities in different social plaforms, to get a wider reach and build a strong audience.
Mobile GamesWe develop multiple mobile games which allows us to manage our user base and monetize it.
About Us
We love what we do
Our team consists of tech-loving highly skilled and motivated professionals. Designing high quality solutions and utilizing technologies to make our work more efficient and to improve results is our passion.
Our VisionUsing disruptive tech to improve our business capabilities.
Our GoalRealize our vision and having fun doing so. You have to enjoy the journey.
Join up with DataWave and start your growth journeyWe always love to hear from new people and explore new opportunities. If you have a project in mind, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact us.Talk to Our Expert
FAQsFrequently Asked QuestionsWe are always happy to answer any question you might have. Here are some of the most common questions we get.
What is your tech background?

Our team consists of individuals with a vast experience in the tech industry. We have developed different platforms, from mobile apps to websites, e-Commerce solutions, travel platforms and IoT solutions.

High availability and scale are always in the core of our solutions. We have designed platforms with UX in mind. Data-Analysis has always taken a major focus in our projects.

What is your marketing background?We have staff members that have been active in the digital marketing industry for over 10 years. Our PPC and marketing experts have managed large budgets and have a vast experience in the field.
Start Now on Your Growth JourneyWe always love to hear from new people and explore new opportunities. Contact us today if you:
Have a product that you want to advertise.Have access to interesting sources of traffic that you wish to monetize.Have an idea for an interesting project that would be amazing with the right tech.
Contact Us:Tel Aviv, Israelcontact@mydatawave.com
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